26 April 2009

The resurrection body

Easter 3 (Year B)

In Luke's Gospel (24:35-48) we see the disciples gathered together, sharing stories of their encounters with the risen Lord - but still without the foggiest idea what it all means. One wonders whether we have a much better idea, even after 20 centuries of theological and spiritual reflection. Jesus seems to want them to grasp as fully as they can what the resurrected body was like - not like a ghost because it could be seen, touched and can eat - and yet so different from everything that they know now. This is the fruit of God's sovereign work - no less than God's act in creation itself. And Jesus is not the first and only example - he is first sign for all creation of what God intends to do for us who believe and place our lives into the hands of God. The fruit of this marriage of heaven-and-earth is available to us right now - when we receive the forgiveness of Jesus in repentance and share that gift with others through reconciliation. This is the great gift of Easter!

Recorded at Sacred Heart, 9.30am (8'24")

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19 April 2009

The journey of faith in John's Gospel

2nd Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday) - John 20:19-31

In the magnificent 20th chapter of John's Gospel, we see the culmination of the whole gospel - as Thomas eventually comes to declare his faith in the risen Lord he is able to state fully the statement of faith that was declared in the prologue - that "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God" (Jn 1:1)

Recorded at St Michael's 9.30am (9'59")

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14 April 2009

Easter Sunday

The first Easter day marked a massive change in world history - no longer would death have the final say. We are called to share in this work as well by being his people and to work to bring about new creation around us by opening ourselves to the kingdom of God and the power of his new life in us.

Recorded at St Michael's 8am (7'13")

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To understand what difference the Resurrection of Jesus makes in our life, we need to consider it not only in terms of our eternal life (life after death) but about the difference it makes to our life and world now (life before death). As Christians we are called to be people of hope, bringing about renewal and new life here and now in the power of the risen Lord - as people of the resurrection.

Recorded at St Michael's 9.30am (8'20")

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12 April 2009

Easter Vigil - Exodus

Every year at the Easter Vigil, one Old Testament reading must be read - it is the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Surely this is because it is only when we understand God's saving purpose - that he is a God who hears the cry of the poor and the oppressed and does something about it - that we can understand the resurrection. It is only when we understand the cries of our own hearts that we can truly cry out to God and allow the power of new creation unleashed through the resurrection to have its effects on our life. We also need to be aware that God is often doing amazing works all around us but we may miss them because all we know is the mud under our feet as we cross through the sea of liberation.

Recorded at St Michael's during the Easter Vigil 2009. (11'59")

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10 April 2009

Holy Thursday

Jesus takes bread and gives it to us as his body - a gift totally given and completely received. Jesus transformed those who were at table with him from betrayers and sinners into welcome guests - and he continues to do the same with us.

Recorded at St Michael's 7pm. (5'10")

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05 April 2009

Passion Sunday - Year B

In this familiar story we can forget the dramatic elements of this most powerful story and not allow the drama to impact upon us. Mark's Gospel (chapters 14-15) provides many unique points, including the woman with the smashed alabastar jar of costly ointment, the singing of songs of praise and the young man wearing only a linen garment (Gk: sindona) which is the baptismal garment. But rather than being a follower of Jesus, he allows the garment to be torn from his body and runs away naked. What we sometimes forget, is that in Mark 16:5, another young man appears, also wearing the white garment - but this time he bears witness to the resurrection of Jesus. This offers us a magnificent insight into the place of giving our all to the Lord in worship - knowing that even if we sometimes run away from our witness, in the Lord we are given a second chance to bear witness to him. Thanks to Fr Robert Barron (Word on Fire) once again for the insights.

Recorded at St Michael's, Nowra, 9.30am (8'15")

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The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Mark. A reading of the passion story by eight voices at St Michael's Nowra, 9.30am Mass (16'00")

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01 April 2009

Hope of New Creation 5

The final session in this 5-week course. Building for the kingdom of God - we look at putting the great hope that new creation theology offers us into practice by looking at the areas of justice, beauty and evangelisation. (25'17")

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