eMissal 3.0

The Cover of the epub and mobi editions.
The third English edition of the Roman Missal, including texts for use in Australia, England and Wales, Scotland and the United States of America, is now available in an eMissal version. The text includes:
  • The Proper of Time
  • The Order of Mass
  • The Proper of Saints
  • Commons
  • Masses and Prayers for Various Needs and Intentions
  • Ritual Masses
  • Votive Masses
  • Masses for the Dead
  • Appendices
A version that includes the musical notations found in the printed edition is now available!

The copyright of these texts remains with ICEL - the International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. To use these texts you will need to have a licence from ICEL.

This is a draft/working text. It is not approved for ritual use.

So grace and peace to all who find and use this resource - especially as a replacement for the Book at the Chair. I invite any priests who use this eMissal to offer a Mass for the new evangelisation of Australia.
Feel free to offer comments or corrections below.
Thanks to Fr Martin Wallace OP for many suggestions and corrections which have now been incorporated into the ePub text (20 April 2012)

More files and resources are now available at http://www.fecitmihimagna.com/

Revised on  20 April 2012 ...